Dream of: 28 February 2005 "Establishing Rapport"

I had gone to work for a lawyer who reminded me of Vaughn (heavy-set, about 60 years old) and I had just started preparing the legal issues of an insurance case for him. The more I worked on the case, however, the more I thought I would rather be investigating the case rather than working on the legal side.

I walked into the lawyer's office. Along with the lawyer, a slender bald man (about 50 years old who reminded me of an actor) was sitting at another desk in the room. When I told the lawyer I would rather be working on investigating the case, the lawyer turned to the other man and asked what he thought. The other man said, "No."

When the lawyer looked at me as if the answer was definitive, I stood up and walked out of the room. I returned to my office and again began working. However, I quickly realized I hadn't asked if I should  continue working as a lawyer. So I returned to the lawyer and asked if I should continue working as a lawyer. He said I should and I returned to my office and continued working.

As I began preparing the case to present it in court, a very attractive woman (about 25 years old) walked into the room. She said she was a law student and she asked me if I was in high school. I told her no, that I was 52 years old and I certainly wasn't in high school. I told her I was working as a lawyer. To myself I thought about how stimulating working s a lawyer was - I hadn't worked as a lawyer in such a long time.

The woman seemed interested in me and I was definitely interested in her. She walked into the room and she looked as if she were gong to sit down and talk with me for a while. I thought perhaps we could establish a rapport.

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