Dream of: 27 February 2005 "Out-Manned"

I was in the area of Patriot. A female prosecutor whom I had met was standing not far from me, but I couldn't see her, even though I knew where she was. I decided to fly to her. With tremendous exertion, I willed myself to rise into the air, and I quickly flew to her, landing in front of her. She was in her early 30s, thin and attractive. I stood in before her, held her arms with both my hands and kissed her for about 10 seconds. She didn't resist, but she didn't reciprocate either. She allowed me to kiss her, but she didn't open her mouth. Finally she pulled away. I let go and floated up again. 

I knew four men were flying nearby, watching me. They were flying in a formation which reminded me of a baseball field, as if each were at one of the bases. I flew toward them and up above them. I knew they didn't like me, perhaps because I had kissed the woman. They were all bigger and stronger than I, and I had the feeling they wanted to fight me. As I hovered above one, I decided to dive down (feet first) and kick him. When I did so, one of the others headed toward me. When the second man tried to attack me, I pulled out something like a whip, and I snapped it at him. Then I backed off. I wasn't afraid, but out-manned. 

I decided to land, and when I reached the ground (with the whip still in my hand), I found myself inside the House in Patriot. I was in the little utility room at the top of the basement stairs. I knew being here was strategically unwise because if all four men came in here, I would be unable to escape. I thought I might simply start slinging things. A lawnmower was in the room -- I could sling it. I would probably be beaten, but I could put up a good fight. I wasn't afraid. 

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