Dream of: 26 February 2005 "Baby Bear"

A few days earlier I had rented a room in a house where a thin frail black-haired woman was living. She was about 50 years old and I was in my 20s. I was staying in a room upstairs.  The house resembled the Center Street House (a two-story frame house in  Portsmouth which I bought at a sheriff's sale in August 2003 and sold in January 2005).

The woman left without telling me and she stayed away for several days. While the woman was gone, Carolina came to stay with me, and instead of staying in my room upstairs, Carolina and I took over the downstairs, moved things around, and cluttered up the rooms. We had things everywhere. The woman had a bunch of junk but apparently everything was in a certain order. I thought to myself that it was good to occasionally mix thing up and change the order a little.

One morning Carolina and I were asleep around 5 a.m. in the upstairs room when we heard something downstairs. I stood up and walked over to the banister so I could see down the stairs. I could see the woman down there. I was only wearing a tee shirt and white jockey shorts, and I had an erection with my penis sticking up above my shorts. I stuck my penis back down inside my shorts and I walked downstairs. 

A man was with the woman. He went to a room in the front of the house and left me alone with the woman. I motioned to my penis so the woman could see my erection, but she ignored it. Several times my penis popped up above my shorts. It was rather erotic walking around her like that. She acted as if she didn't see, but I knew she must see it. It was very strong. I was somewhat proud of how big it was. Most of the time I strutted around with my penis sticking out.

The woman was obviously upset because the place was quite a mess. She wanted to clean it up right now, but I didn't want to because it was so early and I was very tired. Nevertheless I began helping her and we started straightening up. Many of her belongings were scattered about the rooms. I picked up a big glass punch bowl about 50 centimeters in diameter and moved it. Carolina and I had also moved a couch which had a lot of dust behind it. But I pointed out that we hadn't broken anything; everything was simply cluttered. I did see where I had spilled some yellow liquid on the carpet. I quickly cleaned it up and I didn't think the woman had seen it.

Carolina finally came down and started helping. We were doing quite well. I walked up to the front where the man was. He was complaining about what we had done. I finally told him I didn't want to hear it; if he wanted me to help he would have to be quiet. I wasn't going to listen to his complaining.

I walked back into the front room and continued cleaning. I thought to myself that the man and woman might want me to clean up everything and then tell me to leave. If they did that, they would have a problem, because I would probably force them to evict me, and that would take time and effort.

My pet Dalmatian Picasso was also running around the house. The woman had three scruffy dogs -- one resembled a German Shepherd. Some panes of glass were lying on the couch. The German Shepherd put its paws up on the glass and I feared it would break the panes, but it didn't

I walked into the kitchen where the woman was and a cuddly little cub bear (dark beige) came up to me. Worried, I asked the woman if the cub's mother was nearby. The woman indicated the mother wasn't here. The woman said she owned the cub and she was keeping it. I held it. It had small sharp teeth with which it tried to bite me, but it wasn't hurting me. It was a beautiful bear. I pointed out to the woman that bears made good pets until they were around a year old. Then they became difficult. But I loved holding it now.

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