Dream of: 24 February 2005 "Sack Of Coins"

I was walking through a large old house which I had bought. I intended to fix up the house, filled with junk, and I began cleaning up some of the trash. I had also hired another fellow to help me. He was outside working on the big yard. I didn't know how much he was going to charge to help me, but I would just have to pay -- I needed the help. He seemed to be doing a good job cutting the grass.

My nephew Steven had visited me earlier at the house, and while he had been here, I had found some sacks of old tin cans. I has asked the fellow helping me if he could sell the cans and I had give him a sack. I had also given Steven a sack of cans.

I walked down into the basement to see what was there, and I was surprised to discover a room which stretched far out under the yard. I recalled that I had seen the room before, but I had forgotten about it. As I explored the room, I found more tine cans in a clear cellophane sack. As I poured some of the cans out on the ground, I discovered a bunch of coins in the sack. They looked like silver dollars and gold coins. I suddenly realized the previous owner of the house had hidden the coins in the cans. I picked up a couple cans. They were unopened, but they were obviously full of coins. Somehow the coins had been put in the cans even though the cans were unopened.

The cellophane sack was coming apart. I picked it up and laid it in an area meant for a bathroom, but which didn't actually have any bathroom fixtures in it. I thought I would need to install the fixtures later.

Just as I stuck my hand into the sack again and pulled out a handful of coins, my mother walked into the room. One coin in my hand was an American gold half-eagle. I told my mother the coin was probably worth $400-$500. I was also holding a gold Roman coin which had the picture of a Roman man in profile.

Pitts (who worked as a secretary for my father in the 1960s and 1970s) had also been helping work on the house. She had a small desk upstairs. I walked up the stairs and showed her my handful of coins. She looked about 40 years old. I told her she needed to contact my nephew Steven to see if he still had the sack of cans which I had given to him. When she saw the coins in my hand, she knew immediately what I meant.

I walked back down to the basement. I began thinking I probably shouldn't have shown the coins to Pitts because I really didn't want anyone else to know about the coins right now. But I figured she wouldn't realize how many I had, so I probably hadn't done any harm. Right now, I just needed to get a hold of Steven to see if he still had the sack of cans which I had given him, and I needed to talk to the other fellow to see if he still had the sack I had given to him. 

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