Dream of: 22 February 2005 (2) "Taming Wild Birds"

I had a piece of fluffy white cloth about the size of a blanket. I thought the cloth was quite valuable and I tried to sell it for $30,000. A long time ago I had been offered about $20,000 but I had turned down the offer. Now a man was with me and he offered me $10,000 for the cloth. I thought about the offer. I really didn't care for the cloth. I thought it was quite old. It sported some insignias of different corporations. One was "Borden." I told the man I would have to talk with my wife Carolina about it. But I didn't. I just went ahead and told him I would accept his offer. He gave me the $10,000 and I gave him the cloth.

We were in his shop where he worked. We sat down at a table and talked about the age of the cloth. He allowed me to cut off a small piece on the end about one centimeter wide and about three centimeters long to examine. When I cut off the piece, I saw some little strands like metal wire going through it. I moved closer and pulled out one strand and showed it to him. He had already been aware of it. He said that was indicative of cloth made circa 1900. That was one method he had used when he had looked at the cloth to determine its age.

I was very impressed. The man seemed to know many things. I thought I would like to learn how to tell the age of something like that. He mentioned that he had lost his assistant and that he needed a new one. I thought he might be trying to get me to work for him, but I didn't want to work for him -- I worked for myself.

A young man walked in and I thought he was probably going to be the new assistant. But he wasn't. The young man had something to show the older man: a tiny broken car about four centimeters long -- a little racer car that went on electric tracks. The two sat down together and the older man looked at the little car to see if he could fix it. It turned out that I had sold the race-car to the younger man quite a while back.

While the two men examined the car, another black-haired fellow (about 30 years old) walked in. He also worked there. When he first came around the corner of the door, I thought he had a beard, but when he appeared inside, he didn't have a beard. I spoke with him and asked him if he had just shaved off his beard and he said he had. He had also cut his hair himself. He had done a good job except he had nicked his hair behind one ear where he had cut too close to the scalp.

As he and I talked and walked around the shop, I realized we were in a very big tree house which ran through several trees. I walked outside on the deck. The black-haired fellow had some birds up there which were like pets -- several crows and one small hawk. The hawk and a couple crows took off flying, but two or three crows remained in the tree very close to me. I asked the man how he could tame the wild animals like that so they would come close to him. I was curious. I hoped he would tell me because I would like to tame wild animals like that myself.

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