Dream of: 21 February 2005 "Annoyed"

Carolina and I were sitting in the grass looking out over a grassy area in a little valley. Just a few meters to our left was a little convenience store in front of which a man was standing with his wife and children. They were throwing little yellow objects into the air and shooting them with a gun - either a shotgun or a rifle. After I had watched them shoot their gun several times, I became annoyed, and I called over to them, "We don't like that."

One of them looked back at me as if to ask what I had said, and I repeated, "We don't like that."

Two of them began walking toward me; they were obviously upset. They had looked younger in front of the store, but when they reached me they looked like men. One stood right in front of me. He was tall, and thin and had black hair and a black mustache. He looked strong and as if he wanted to fight. He stepped right in front of me and put his hand on m arm. I jerked away and blustered, "He touched me!"

I told Carolina to call the police and she headed toward the store. But I didn't intend to call the police yet. I still wanted to see what the man would do. I said, "If you hit me..." and I told him that simply by touching me he was committing an assault and we could call the police. We stood facing each other to see what would happen next.

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