Dream of: 20 February 2005 (2) "Kick-Backs"

While I was in an office on the first floor of the Gay Street House, my father walked in. We hadn't been getting along well lately. I heard him talking on the phone in the next room; it sounded as if he were talking with Truman (an attorney who was the chapter 13 bankruptcy Trustee in Fort Worth). From what I heard, I gathered my father was somehow in trouble Apparently I had given my father all my bankruptcy cases (I had many) and he had been handling them. Now he was in trouble with them.

I began investigating to find out what was going on and I discovered my father had serious problems. The Trustee was claiming my father owed $300,000. Apparently, as best as I could determine, my father had been taking kick-backs from the bankruptcy clients. I wasn't clear how he had done this, but apparently the clients had been paying not only the Trustee, but had also been paying an additional fee to my father and he had been keeping the money. Of course my father had no right to that money. Apparently the whole scam had exploded and the Trustee was now on my father's trail.

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