Dream of: 20 February 2005 "Creditors"

After my mother had moved in with my sister, some creditors had showed up at my sister's house and had threatened to take my mother's bedroom suite and everything else she had. I arrived after the creditors had already left. The creditors hadn't yet filed a lawsuit, and the basis of their claim wasn't entirely clear, so I wasn't sure that the creditors had any right to take my mother's property. I tried to find out what had happened and why the creditors had been there. Obviously my mother had some kind of problem and I began trying to figure out how she could get out of it. I didn't want her to have to file bankruptcy and I also thought she would be entitled to keep a minimum amount of property even if lawsuits were filed against her. I wasn't exactly sure how to handle the situation, but I was beginning to think the creditors might not actually file suit, and the situation might not be so bad after all.

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