Dream of: 18 February 2005 "Non Compos Mentis"

Several people and I were in a big barn-like building, climbing through an intricate maze of machinery and pipes, two or three stories high off the ground. Several pipes were leaking gushing water.

We finally climbed back down to the ground. I walked out of the building and entered a house next to the building. A party was going on inside. Originally I had simply stopped here for a yard sale and had entered the big building to look around. Now I found myself in the middle of a party in the house. The house was quite nice -- I wanted to know who owned it. Someone told me the owner was a man who was in one of the back rooms. I asked if I could go there, and someone showed me the way to a very shabby part of the house. 

I walked into a small room off to the side and found a thin man (about 70 years old) standing in the room. I asked him if he were the owner of the house and he said he was. I started telling him about the problem with the leaking pipes. He seemed a bit defensive and I had difficulty communicating with him. Other people kept coming in and out of the room. Gradually I began to understand that this man was kept back here by himself. He was quite wealthy and all the other people in the house were living off him. I also began to realize he seemed mentally incompetent, non compos mentis, although not completely. I began to suspect the other people were taking advantage of him. I thought perhaps the man needed someone to help him. I also learned the man had a great deal of money, and I wasn't sure to whom he would leave the money when he died. I asked him if he wanted to leave the money to me and he said, "Yes."

I asked him if he wanted me to be his lawyer, and he said, "Yes."

We shook hands and I told him that I was now his lawyer and that I was representing him. Just as I finished speaking, I turned around and saw a portly man dressed in a suit standing in the room. He was obviously a lawyer. He looked like the actor Roy Brocksmith and this whole situation reminded me of a particular scene from the movie Total Recall, when the character Dr. Edgemar (played by Brocksmith) told the character Douglas Quaid (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) that he (Edgemar) was inside Quaid's mind. The lawyer told me that I needed to leave and that I could not be the lawyer for the man. I wondered if I had done anything unethical when I had asked the man if he wanted me to be his lawyer. Had I been unethically soliciting? I wasn't sure, but I decided I was going to stay anyway. I told the lawyer I wasn't leaving and he simply disappeared.

The man seemed to like me and I liked him. Other people continued to enter and leave. I talked with one boy for a few moments. I asked the boy how many children the man had and the boy said the man didn't have any children. I said incredulously, "No children?"

Clearly something needed to be done about the man's estate to determine what would happen to all his property. Obviously some of the other people in the house would be concerned, and they would probably hire their own lawyers. I myself would need some legal advice from a law firm which specialized in estates. I might contact Jon. I thought this man would probably like Jon. Maybe Jon could help me. Handling this case would be a struggle but I was determined I was going to help this man.

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