Dream of: 17 February 2005 (2) "A Witty Lawyer"

As I was walking out of a courthouse in Dallas, I was joined by Danny DeVito (probably in his mid 40s), dressed in a white suit. He was an attorney. We walked along and talked. He told me he had been handling a criminal case and had gotten six years of jail for his client in a plea bargain. According to the plea bargain, his client wouldn't have to stay in jail all the time, but could come and go.

I could hardly believe that prisoners in Dallas county would be able to come and go to jail. DeVito explained that the law which allowed this was not well known.

I was thinking of practicing some criminal law myself. Obviously there were many hidden little areas of the law like that with which I was unfamiliar.

DeVito said he was retired, but he still practiced law when he felt like it. I thought he must be in his 60s, even though he only looked as if he were in his 40s.

I thought how I myself was semi-retired; but I was thinking of coming out of retirement. Maybe DeVito and I could even work together. Perhaps I could work in his law office. Since he was retired, maybe I could take on some of the excess work. But I didn't' say anything.

We continued walking and he began talking about his personal life. he mentioned some women he was dating. He seemed to know a great many people. I thought I would enjoy getting to know him on a personal level. I thought I would need to be witty around him because it sounded as if he associated with witty people. I thought I could handle it. I could be witty if I had to. The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of practicing law with him.

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