Dream of: 17 February 2005 "Making Fire"

I was in a wooded camping area. A few other people were also here. I picked up two sticks and vigorously rubbed them together until I could feel them getting warmer. I walked around and rubbed more, until finally the bottom stick broke into fire. The other people looked at me in amazement. They couldn't believe what I had done. I could hardly believe it myself. I quickly put the sticks on the ground and laid some kindling and paper around them. Unfortunately the sticks went out because I didn't have enough kindling. But at least now I knew I was able to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together.

I walked around again and picked up a couple rusty red sticks. I started rubbing them together. They became warm, but they didn't break into fire.

A man (probably in his mid 30s) was standing behind me. Apparently he was a forest ranger. He said the sticks I was now rubbing could not start a fire by being rubbed together. He pointed to a large redwood tree near us and he said those sticks came from the redwood tree. I appreciated his information and I took a liking to the fellow.

It looked as if someone had been doing some excavating in the area and an old metal well had been unearthed. I walked over and looked down into the well. It was only about a meter deep. The ranger didn't seem concerned that I might fall into the well. I was intrigued that an old well like that would be found out here in the woods.

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