Dream of: 16 February 2005 "The Grader"

I had acquired a two-story red-brick house from my mother, and I now intended to refurbish and spruce up the house. I was standing in front of the house, which sat about two meters above the sidewalk, with a sloping yard which stretched up from the sidewalk and leveled off in the yard in front of the house. I wasn't quite pleased with the sloping yard, and I was planning to use some heavy machinery (specifically, a grader) to level off the front yard.

As I contemplated, my attorney friend Jon rode up on his motorcycle. I had earlier contacted Jon because I wanted him to operate the grader for me. I thought he had some experience with heavy machinery, whereas I had none. He parked his motorcycle and stepped off. He was probably about 30 years old and looked healthy. He and I hadn't seen each other in quite a while, but we didn't waste time with pleasantries -- we immediately started talking about the project.

The grader which I was going to borrow from someone I knew was several kilometers away. We would have to go to that location, and Jon could drive the grader back. The more I thought about the project, however, the more doubts I had. The front lawn of the house wasn't really that bad, and if we started digging up the lawn, we might run into all sorts of problems. Besides, simply driving the grader on the road all the way there could be problematic. The whole idea was beginning to sound unsound. 

I did own another small house, however, where I might be able to use the grader. The back yard of the other house had become quite muddy, and I wanted to park my car in the yard. If we graded off the back yard, perhaps we could fix the mud problem and I would be able to park my car there. That project sounded more to my liking. 

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