Dream of: 15 February 2005 "Hiding In Hay"

I was visiting the Gallia County Farm, where I had anticipated meeting some of my family and passing a pleasant day. Indeed, various members of my family did show up, but the day was not pleasant, and I soon felt unwelcome. I was standing outside the spot where the Farmhouse normally stood. Now, however, instead of the Farmhouse, a huge new brick house had been built. As I stood outside, through the windows I could see my family members inside. I didn't want to stay here -- I just wanted to leave.

I decided to fly away. I rose into the air, about 10 meters above the ground, and began forcefully flying down the hill behind the Farmhouse. I seemed to be traveling at great speed, but at the same time I was only covering a short distance. Below me, at the bottom of the hill, near the small creek which runs there, was standing a woman with her back to me. She was wearing a heavy coat and I couldn't see her face, but I somehow knew who she was. She was probably in her mid 20s and was not part of my family, merely an acquaintance visiting the Farm. I didn't want to talk with her right now -- I just wanted to be alone. However, as I flew in her direction, she also took to flight and began flying ahead of me.

I quickly overtook and passed her. I swooped around past the long barn at the bottom of the hill and when I reached the back of the barn, out of her sight, I flew inside the barn. I hoped she wouldn't follow me in here. I looked for a place to hide, but I saw nowhere. Some loose hay lay scattered on the ground, and since I saw no other cover, I landed on the hay, lay down on my back, and covered myself with hay. Almost as soon as I had covered myself, I could hear the woman fly into the barn. She was looking for me, and in a pleasant voice she was singing, "Maybe we should be together. Maybe we shouldn't."

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