Dream of: 09 February 2005 "The Optometrist"

I had walked into a small one-room optometrist's office (located in a mall) to have my eyes checked. I waited around a while in the white office until the dark-brown optometrist (probably Pakistani or Indian) appeared. He was thin and six or seven centimeters shorter than I. Without actually conducting a test, he somehow checked my eyes, and as part of the procedure, he placed a large unwieldy pair of dark frames on my face. I waited a while longer, until I suddenly realized he had made some lenses, apparently for the glasses on my face, even though I didn't like them. I immediately saw that the man was running a scam, and I asked him how much he was charging. He said, "$570."

For some reason, I had already given him my credit card, and I told him I wanted it back, that I wasn't going  to pay money for glasses that I hadn't even ordered. I thought for a moment, however, then said, "I'll pay you $150 for those glasses, but no more." Then I added, "And that's too much."

I held out the glasses which I had worn into the shop (which were in bad shape). I couldn't remember how long ago I had bought them -- 1,2,3 years ago -- but, holding them out toward the optometrist, I said, "I only paid $39 for those glasses."

At first I thought he was going to say OK, but then he seemed to become upset. A woman (apparently a nurse) showed up and sat down behind the counter. The optometrist pulled out a telephone and seemed to be looking for a number: apparently he was going to call security. I didn't know whether I was going to have a problem here, but I definitely didn't intend to pay for those glasses -- $570 was outrageous. 

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