Dream of: 06 February 2005 (2) "Laredo"

I was living with Wheat and his wife Melanie. I had swept up all the house except their bedroom, which I walked into, unsure whether I should sweep in there, even though the room was dusty. I looked around: I wanted to make sure I hadn't inadvertently left any of my clothes there in their bedroom. I didn't see anything of mine, and I walked out of the room. 

I found Melanie in another room, going through a box of things which Wheat had carried in. I also looked in the box and saw several postcards which interested me. I picked up one postcard which had a date of "1877" on it. I had to look closely at the picture before I figured out it was a scene of Laredo, Texas, looking across the Rio Grande into Mexico. An intricately-built train in the foreground took up half the picture. I looked at the back: a postmark on the stamp said the postcard had been mailed in "1910." I liked the postcard -- I would like to have it.

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