Dream of: 06 February 2005 "Lord Of The Rings"

I had arrived at the Gallia County Farmhouse so I could clear out all the possessions which I had stored there. Since my father and I were no longer getting along, I thought it best to remove my things. The idea of leaving the Farmhouse for good made me sad -- like leaving an old friend. I found the key, walked inside, and went upstairs. As I was looking for a DVD copy of The Lord of the Rings which I had left there, I heard my father downstairs. Since I thought I should explain to him why I was there, I walked downstairs and found my father (about 40 years old), my stepmother (dressed in green and likewise about 40 years old), and some of my stepmother's young grandchildren, on the back porch.

My father sat down and I began explaining to him that I had come to move out some of my possessions. My stepmother hovered about, looking as if she were in control of the place. My father didn't say anything. Since I was moving out anyway, I thought I might mention something else that had been bothering me: I blurted out, "You've never given me anything!"

That was almost true: in all the years that my father had known me, the only things I had that he had ever given me were a cheap pocket knife and an old broken pocket watch. To emphasize what I was saying, I wanted to pull out the cheap knife and show it to him -- I kept it on my key chain. When I searched in my pockets, however, I couldn't find the knife. Fed up, I just wanted out of there -- I just wanted to gather my things and leave. 

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