Dream of: 05 February 2005 "Positions Of Power"

Carolina and I were walking around a store where second-hand/antique items were sold. She went her way and I went mine. I browsed down the rows of items, not really interested in buying anything. A young boy walked by carrying a large silver-metal object which looked like a cartoon duck. It was obviously old and I reflected that it was probably valuable. After he had passed, I noticed an old, very fancy lawnmower, which looked as if it were made of the same metal as the duck had been. The lawnmower was priced at $576.The top of the lawnmower was bright and shiny and had a deco-art look to it. The boy walked up and set his duck down beside the lawnmower, and indeed the two items seemed to make a pair.

I walked on, increasingly disappointed by the lack of anything interesting here. Whoever owned this store had probably started out with desirable merchandise, but over time the good stuff had disappeared and only unappealing leftovers remained. Even I could start a store like this, using up all the collectibles I had accumulated over the years; but just as with
this store, the valuable items in my store would soon disappear.

I found a small room filled with old LP records. I walked in, even though I wasn't interested in buying any LPs. However, almost as soon as I had entered the room, I saw something that interested me: an old 78 RPM record album containing a recording of the soundtrack from the movie Anne of the Thousand Days. The album was only about half as wide as a normal album, but taller than normal. It had a colorful cover. I was surprised, because I thought the movie had been made long after the time 78 RPMs had ceased to be produced. I would definitely like to have this album. However, did I really need it? The trouble with the old 78 RPM albums was that they were so heavy and so difficult to take care of. The album appealed to me, but I laid it back down, and I walked out of the room without it.

As I left the room, I thought about how a shoplifter could easily steal something from that room. In the process of thinking, I began devising in my mind an invention to help catch shoplifters. My invention consisted of a little device which would be placed inside the merchandise and which would set off an alarm if the shoplifter tried to leave the store with the device still attached. The device would also come with a special attachment so if the shoplifter tried to remove the device, a purple powder would be left on the shoplifter's fingers.

My imagination became so vivid, I found myself in a room in the rear of the store where a shoplifter (a man about 20 years old) had been apprehended and was being questioned by the store security personnel. As the questioning accelerated, I realized the questions were aimed at more than just a shoplifting incident: the security people were trying to find out about another person, and finally the shoplifter gave them the name of someone who made bombs. As soon as the security people had this information, they let the shoplifter go.

The security people pulled out a map and began circling certain towns which were all the same distance from where we were (it seemed as if we were in New York City) and they concentrated on one town on the northern shores of one of the Great Lakes.

The more I watched the scene, the more intrigued I became. I settled in, more intent, until I finally realized I was watching everything on a television. I couldn't break away. The plot seemed ever more bizarre and twisted, and I even began to think I was somehow involved. Finally, after about an hour, I snapped out of it, stood up and walked out of the room.

I headed for my car, where I knew Carolina would be waiting. In the parking lot, before reaching the car, however, I was attacked by someone who had something to do with the show I had just been watching. The struggle was short but intense. I quickly freed myself and continued to the car.

When I reached the car, I felt as if I had undergone some change which I couldn't quite clarify. I opened up the back (which looked like that of a PT Cruiser) and my pet Dalmatian Picasso was standing there growling at me. Since his growling was completely out of character, I wondered whether I had indeed been changed somehow, whether something evil had entered into me.

I knew what I had to do: go to the city on the northern shore of the Great Lakes. Almost immediately I found myself there, without Carolina and Picasso. I knew I would meet some other people there, comrades who would join me in a battle against an opposing evil group. Birdie crossed my mind, as I wondered for a moment whether she would be one of my comrades. I immediately knew she wouldn't.


I was in a house -- probably a cabin -- in an isolated area. Four or five of my comrades were with me in the house and we knew we would soon be attacked. I thought, however, we would have time to train ourselves adequately to fight. We all had special powers, but we didn't yet know how to use our powers.

Suddenly I knew we were under attack. One of the enemy was right there in the room with me. Over on the other side of the room, I sensed a blurry presence, and I saw the presence attack something which looked like Picasso. I knew I had to react immediately. I held out my right hand and aimed my palm at the presence. A gust of cold energy burst from my palm and froze the presence in place. This was one of my powers: to emit cold energy.

I hollered to my comrades, "They're already here. Take
up your positions of power."

When I spoke of "positions of power," I was thinking of a concept I had read in the books of Carlos Castaneda, where he had maintained that a person could find certain places of power and take advantage of that power by being in those places. I thought now my comrades and I all needed to be in places of power.

When I looked out the window and saw a person sneaking toward the house, I knew I had to do something. I thought I could aim my hand at the window and form an impenetrable sheet of ice over the window so no one could come in. I wasn't sure, but I thought I would do so.

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