Dream of: 03 February 2005  "Felix The Cat"

I was in my sister's house. My sister (who looked about 20 years old) was sitting in a chair at a table on which she had piled some of her belongings. She indicated that she would like to sell some things to me -- apparently she needed the money -- and she mentioned the sum of $50, which I happened to have with me. I wasn't interested in buying anything, however, and I didn't see anything which particularly interested me anyway.

Nevertheless, she began piling together a stack of items which she would give me for $50. She dug out about 20 video cassette tapes, which I looked over. They were in good condition and became a little tempted. She stacked more items on the stack, and I looked around the room, to see if anything else here might interest me. My eye caught a lamp on a table -- a child's lamp with some kind of character at the base. I looked at it more closely -- it seemed to be colorful train engine. I wondered if this were from an animated cartoon about a train. As I looked more closely, however, I saw a several pictures of an animated character in the windows of the train, a character which I finally identified as "Felix the Cat." I decided I liked the lamp. My sister unplugged it and put it in the stack.

I looked more around the room. My sister's son, Will, had a bed in the room and I noticed he had some character figures hanging on the headboard of his bed. One looked as if it might be a Power Ranger. It interested me somewhat, but I was uncertain I wanted it. I began, however, to have a thought about something else which might interest me. I wondered what my sister would say if I told her I would buy the items if she would include a ten-minute kiss. I hesitated to do so -- I figured she would decline -- but she seemed so desperate, she might agree. I wondered if she would realize she would in a sense be prostituting herself, exchanging a kiss for money.

I proposed my offer: a ten-minute kiss. She didn't seem surprised, but she was obviously agitated, and she mentioned that if she did it, she might start suffering some "seepage" at night again. I didn't know what she meant, but I wondered if she were referring to some kind of bodily discharge. Was she indicating that if she had physical contact with me, she would become nervous and her body would be affected at night? She vacillated, trying to decide, then finally agreed to my proposal. I suggested we go up into the attic. She agreed and we climbed up the stairs. We sat down on a fuzzy blue cover lying on the floor and we moved our faces close to each other. Before our lips touched, however, she asked me why I wanted to kiss her. I answered, "Because you're my sister ... and I love you."

She seemed uncomprehendingly satisfied with my answer, and we began an extremely pleasurable kiss.

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