Dream of: 01 February 2005 "Ignoring Differences"

I was in the front passenger seat of a car which my father (about 50 years old) was driving  along Swauger Valley Road in Sciotoville, Ohio. About 20 meters up the side of a hill on our left were piles of coal which had been mined there. Both my father and I tried to see the mine entrance, but we couldn't.

Rock cliffs ran along the road and veins of coal could be seen in the cliffs. Some veins were round, about a meter in diameter. I mentioned to my father that those round veins must be the result of large trees which had fallen there and been compressed into coal. He indicated that he agreed. I thought he should know a little about coal, since I thought he was mining some coal on some of his land. This subject, however, was painful for me, because he and I hadn't been on speaking terms for several months, and I thought if I were going to have a relationship with him, I would have to be involved in the coal operation. I didn't think he wanted me involved with the coal, however, so I doubted we would have much to do with each other. Nevertheless, just our being in the same car together was an enormous change in our relationship. We still weren't talking about any of the problems we had with each other, or trying to resolve any problems; but maybe that was for the best. Maybe it was best not to discuss anything, and to simply go on as if nothing had happened. Our differences would never be resolved and perhaps it was best to simply ignore them.

Suddenly my attention was drawn to an area off to the side. We were now on a highway in a more open area with rolling green hills. Off to the left several deer were standing on the side of the hill. I pointed them out to my father. I noticed more and more deer, and I began counting. I also noticed a brown pony running with the deer. I had never seen so many deer in one spot -- I counted 23. About half were gray and half were brown.

The area was surrounded by new development and roads. It looked as if only this small section had been left for the deer so they had all congregated there. They kept running and turned down a little road on our left, running right along the road. One deer was lying in the road: it had been hit by a car. I thought it was dead, but then it moved. I felt so sorry for it, but I knew there was nothing I could do for it. We kept on going. 

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