Dream of: 26 December 2004 "Stability And Inspiration"

I was in a restaurant in a small German town whose name I thought might be "Tubingen,"  but I wasn't sure. I was sitting at a round table with numerous other well-dressed Germans, mostly women. They were slim and attractive (probably in their late 30s). I loved being in Germany and although I was only passing through, I thought how I might like to simply settle down in this town. I was confident I could meet a woman here and marry. I could easily spend my life here.

The meal ended and we all stood to leave. As we filed toward the door of the restaurant, I was still thinking how I would like to live here and what kind of woman I might be happy with. Marrying a professor or teacher seemed perfect. She would be intellectually stimulating, but stable at the same time. However, as soon as I thought of this, I sensed a problem. What I was really seeking in life was inspiration. If I were to settle down in one place, I might loose my ability to be inspired. Was I willing to sacrifice inspiration for stability? I didn't think so.

Just as we were filing through the restaurant door, one woman knocked over a tray with some plates and a couple empty wine bottles. I hesitated, then stopped and picked up the bottles. I seemed to want to prove my usefulness by picking up the spilled bottles and plates.

As we continued on, my thoughts still stirred around the question of stability and inspiration. I loved being here -- but I needed to be inspired.

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