Dream of: 24 December 2004 "Vanishing Into Air"

I awoke with a cover over me in the middle upstairs bedroom of the Gallia County Farmhouse. I looked around, a little unsure where I was. A little green parakeet was flying in the room. It landed on my cover near the left side of my head. I reached out my hand and it allowed me to pick it up. I thought the little parakeet might have been brought to the Farm by my step-mother and she had just left it there. It perched on my hand for a moment, then flew over to the window which faces the creek in front of the Farmhouse. Another pretty green bird with a little red in it was outside and it also flew into the room.

I was worried to see the window open; I thought someone had broken into the house and might still be inside. Fully dressed, I stood up from the bed and picked up a shotgun. I headed down the stairs and found the door at the bottom closed. I bravely pushed the door open, and walked through the living room to the kitchen. 

The place looked different from normal. Everything had been taken out of the kitchen and furniture for a living room had been installed in its place. It looked as if my father had completely redone the Farmhouse and it didn't look good. Red carpet was on the floor, a TV was in the window, and no refrigerator or stove were there anymore. 

I walked over to the window and looked down at the little creek out back, which was much bigger than normal. Seven or eight clothed men and women were jumping in the creek to swim. They saw me. I didn't care if they saw me, but I thought they might be concerned and wonder what I was doing there. Since I didn't want to scare them, I laid the shotgun down on the window sill. I knew I didn't own the Farm ( it belonged to my father) and I had no say in what went on there. More people -- dozens, then hundreds -- began arriving in buses and flocking to the creek. I thought I had better walk out on porch. 

On the outside, concrete section of the back porch, I encountered my grandmother Mabel (about 60 years old). I started talking to her about all the people and the condition of the Farmhouse. I asked her if my father was there and she said he was down there with the other people. I didn't want to see him. I hadn't expected to encounter anyone there. I thought I would probably leave, but then it occurred to me that something was strange. I turned to my grandmother and said it was strange that she was there, especially since she was dead. She smiled, looked at me and before my eyes she began vanishing into thin air. I was flabbergasted to see her simply vanish.

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