Dream of: 17 December 2004 "White Flame"

I was visiting my old friend Randy Ramey (probably about 30 years old) in his small wooden-floored home. He looked happy and healthy and he smiled a lot -- I was happy to see him. As we sat near each other on a couch, I moved close to this ear, and in a whisper I asked if he had thought about raising some marijuana. In my mind I was visualizing how plants could be grown inside a house. 

We both stood up and sat down at a wooden table. He pulled out a little bag of white powder, poured a small amount on the table and snorted it. He invited me to try some. I was shocked to see that he had dope here in the house -- I didn't want any, but it was tempting. I asked him what the powder was, but I didn't receive an answer. Finally he said it was crack. I definitely didn't want any crack. I remembered I had seen Ramey's name in the paper a couple times for having been arrested, once for crack cocaine and once for driving while intoxicated on alcohol. I asked Ramey how many times he had been arrested for drugs and he said "four." I was amazed and I asked if all the arrests had been for felonies and he nodded affirmatively. 

He was standing now and I was still thinking about the white powder -- I was definitely tempted, but I was also worried about being here and I was thinking the police might show up. I looked out the window through some mini blinds at the street outside. A white-haired chinaman (perhaps 60 years old) was standing there. A long white hair coming out of  his nose almost looked like a flame. I thought how if I were to snort the white powder, the hair would really look like a flame. I decided to do it. I turned back to the table and poured some of the powder onto the table. Unfortunately, however, I knocked over some brown liquid which seeped into the powder, causing the powder and liquid to stream off the table onto the floor. Ramey looked dismayed but not terrible upset. We began trying to think of a way to dry up the mess and still save the powder.

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