Dream of: 12 December 2004 "Too Late"

I was in a back room of the House in Patriot. A black-haired woman (about 40 years old) was in the room next door, in the living-room/kitchen area. A bit overweight, she was somehow related to me. The door was shut between my room and hers, but I could hear her in there. I opened the door and saw her sitting on a couch in black bra and panties, getting dressed. I thought she was deliberately robed that way to arouse me. I walked over to her and suggested that she let me touch her breasts.

Just as I thought she was going to allow me, a car suddenly pulled up out front. I thought my mother was in the car, returning with my brother Chris. Chris (probably about 15 years old) had been living there with me in this House, but my mother had taken him for a visit to the Gallia County Farm, where I thought he was supposed to see a doctor. 

I left the woman in the House and I walked outside, where my mother had pulled up. My sister (also about 15 years old) was sitting in the passenger seat of the front seat, but Chris wasn't in the car. I could tell my mother was upset. My sister stepped out of the car crying and I quickly learned that a doctor had been on the Farm and had recommended that Chris stay on the Farm because he was too sick and weak to come back.

My father pulled up in a car and parked just a couple centimeters from my silver car. As he tried to open his car door, he began pounding my car with his door. I pointed out to him what he was doing (it seemed he had once given me this silver car) and he finally climbed out the other side. He didn't seem particularly upset about Chris, just a little concerned. My mother and sister however were quite upset. I wondered if my sister would cry if something happened to me. I didn't think she cared much about me, so I had doubted she would; but I was surprised to see her so upset about Chris.

I was also upset. I wished now I had spent more time with Chris. I seemed to remember having had another brother who had died of muscular dystrophy and I hadn't spent much time with him. I wished I had tried to play some games with Chris. I could have taken the time. Now it was probably too late. 

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