Dream of: 05 December 2004 "Trademarks"

I was in a large, high-vaulted room. As I looked up, I was surprised so see dozens of stuffed animals hanging in rows on the ceiling. At first I thought I might be in a store; but slowly I realized I was looking at examples of character trademarks and I was in some kind of business which obtained trademarks for people. This interested me -- trademarks interested me. For the first time I now realized that there was an infinite number of possible trademarks, even though certain things couldn't be trademarked, such as wings (I saw several characters with wings) or things like the hair on the troll animals (I also saw several of those).

A television was on in the room, showing a cartoon with various action figures. One figure was dressed in a Spiderman outfit set me to thinking that perhaps the Spiderman outfit wasn't trademarked. The outfit had been introduced so long ago, perhaps no trademark had been obtained at that time. That would mean that anyone could use it. I wondered if many characters were like that.

A long table was in the room. Men wearing business suits began sitting around the table, about 10 on each side.  A man sat down at the end. He apparently wanted to obtain a trademark and had hired this firm to help him. Apparently the other men were all lawyers. One lawyer said the man needed to answer 20 questions to understand how difficult this work was. The man was asked a question which he couldn't' answer. The man then had to stand up and get in a little device like a ride from an amusement park. He  sat down and metal sides came up around him. It looked as if he were going to be sent on a terrifying ride.

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