Dream of: 01 December 2004 "Dead Bodies"

I had acquired 100 dead bodies packed in cardboard boxes, about the size of coffins. I hadn't actually seen the bodies inside the boxes, but I was planning to ship them to an island country in the Caribbean and sell them. The cardboard boxes were lined up in in front of me and I was busily preparing them for shipment. I was uncertain how well they would fare on the trip.


I was in the Caribbean country. I had shipped the bodies here, but I hadn't yet taken them off the ship. I was in an crowded government office trying to decide what to do now with the bodies. My intention was still to sell them. I had heard that dead bodies were in demand here and I had hoped to reap a profit. But now I was definitely having second thoughts. I couldn't figure out why anyone would want to buy dead bodies, and I was worried about the bodies decomposing and causing an odor. I had already had them a couple days and surely they were decomposing -- maybe they could be used as fertilizer.

I met up with an amiable fellow (probably in his late 20s) who was supposed to help me. He directed me to a second fellow (who looked like the actor Peter Gallagher) who worked here in this office and the three of us sat down together. I told the second fellow about the bodies. He was very business-like, even though he did evince some surprise that I had brought the bodies here. Now I was becoming more and more desperate. I was almost willing to simply give the bodies away or abandon them, but I thought if  could only get $100 apiece for the bodies, I would be happy. I began to imagine the fellow might offer me a deal to take 15 percent of the price if he would help me get rid of the bodies. It seemed like a high commission, but at this point I would be willing to pay it. 

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