Dream of: 19 November 2004 (2) "Moles In The Garden"

Walking through rows of a garden, I saw a little gray animal which I at first thought was a mouse only bigger, but not a rat. Two other similar animals (black instead of gray) seemed to be attacking the gray one.

This was my step-mother's garden. I called to her (she was nearby) and I asked her to come look at the animals. She stepped up and quickly said the animals were moles. The gray one was the mother and the two black ones were babies. My step-mother picked up two black garbage bags and then picked up the moles and put them in the bags. She said she would take the moles to the Gallia County Farm. I said that was a good idea. I thought, however, maybe she should put the moles in a box, so they wouldn't suffocate in the bags. I asked her when she intended to go to the Farm.

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