Dream of: 19 November 2004 "Japanese In Cancun"

I had ended up with several hundred Japanese (all in their late teens and early twenties) on an excursion in another country. I didn't know anyone. Gradually we all boarded a jet and I soon learned we were headed for Cancun. I tired to remember exactly where Cancun was. I had been there before but it took me a while to recall that it was on the corner of the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. I talked to a couple Japanese on the plane in English. They spoke well. I was uncertain where I would stay in Cancun and thought I might stay in the same room as one of them.

When we landed, we filed off the plane and into a long room with hundreds of electronic games which the Japanese began playing. I thought how much the Mexicans must appreciate so many Japanese coming and spending so much money. As we walked, a girl told me I needed to walk on the right. I had been walking both on the left and right. She said Japanese walked on the right. I was friendly and told her that Americans walked all over the place, both on the right and left.

My attention however focused on what I intended to do here. I had my passport in my pocket but I hadn't gone through customs and I still hadn't picked up my luggage. We shuffled along until we entered the lobby of a hotel. I was still concerned about my luggage and my passport, and I was uncertain I wanted to stay in this hotel. 

After entering the lobby, I walked up to counter and asked the price of a room. I was told a room would be $56, but I would have to share the room with four others. I figured that came to over $200 per room. I would rather go somewhere else and get my own room. I could see other hotels out the window. And I could speak Spanish. Still worried about not having my passport stamped, I was uncertain what to do next.

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