Dream of: 09 November 2004 "Poetry Group"

I was standing in an alley, looking toward a house (which looked like the House in Patriot) into which I had recently moved at the far end of the alley. I had been living in the house with 9-10 rowdy low-class types who didn't seem to fit into this neighborhood. I could see them all standing in the yard outside the house. I also saw our neighbors in their yards and I thought it discourteous that no one from my house talked to the neighbors or invited them over. So I walked back toward my house, intending to say something about it.

When I reached the house, everyone was already inside, and as I walked through the house, I began talking about how we ought to invite the neighbors over. Suddenly I realized five women neighbors were sitting on three couches in one room. None of my housemates was in the room. I started talking to the women and I pulled the couches around so we could all see each other. We talked for a short time and they began talking about what interested them: a music group to which the all belonged. They talked about new songs they could sing. One woman in a blue sweater stood up on a couch and jutted out her breasts and asked if I thought that was a good idea. I nodded affirmatively.

I sat down next to a blonde woman (19-20 years old) on my right. She was wearing shorts, and she placed her knee on my leg. I put my hand on the bare flesh of her leg -- it felt exquisite. I asked her if it was all right for me to have my hand there and she gave her permission. I liked being next to her. 

I enjoyed the women and as they talked about songs, I began thinking maybe I should get involved with them and we could form a poetry group and write poems and recite them regularly to each other. I even composed a little poem in my head, but it wasn't very good and I knew I didn't have much practice writing poetry.

I thought if I were to stand in front of the group right now, I would say, "Lord" and then I would poetically ask God why he wanted me to write and recite poetry to other people like this. 

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