Dream of: 06 November 2004 "Eating Lettuce"

I was walking near the public library in Portsmouth, about a block from Portsmouth High School. I wasn't certain why I was here, or where I was going. Students were on the street headed to school. The day was chilly -- I was wearing a sweater which had slits on the side which allowed me to put my hands under the sweater and keep warm. I thought I probably looked peculiar with my hands under the sweater like that, but then I saw someone else doing the same thing, and I decided I didn't look so strange after all.

A woman police officer (about 30 years old) was standing in a parking lot, guiding cars to parking places. When I looked at her more closely, I realized she was one of my old junior high classmates, Peggy. She looked didn't look like Peggy, though. I thought about saying something to her. Instead I just walked on. 


I delivered myself to a restaurant on the corner of the street, just across from the high school. I could still see Peggy across the street in the parking lot. I walked to a corner table, and still standing, began eating a bowl of lettuce sitting on the table. I picked up one leaf of lettuce after the other and stuffed it into my mouth. 

As I ate, I wondered if perhaps I should ask Peggy out for a meal. If I did so, I would surely have to offer her something more than lettuce. Perhaps we could go to a nice restaurant and have a good meal. I doubted, however, I would ask her out -- it just didn't seem quite appropriate. 

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