Dream of: 02 November 2004 "Uncalled-For Attitude"

My father, my sister and I were walking toward the Fort Worth Rock House, where my father was living. My father was angry with me because I had failed to do something with his car -- a light blue Corvette -- and so now we had to walk. When we finally reached the back yard of the House, we found a machine which I had earlier been using. Lying next to the machine was a small round white object, made of plaster, about the size of a silver dollar. I had made the object, which had something to do with the key to the car. However, I couldn't remember whether I should have made the object. So when my father began questioning me about it, I was uncertain what to answer. 

My father walked into the House and sat down on a couch in the middle room. I followed him inside. I had to go somewhere and I asked him if I could now have the keys to the Corvette. He was very mean as he said I couldn't drive the Corvette anymore. This was a blow to me, because I was dependent on the Corvette for transportation. I thought his attitude was completely uncalled-for. 

I turned and walked back outside. My sister was still with me. I told her that I hated my father and that I wished he were dead. I just wanted to get as far away as I could from him, and I wished I would never have to see him again. 

A man who looked just like the actor James Wood was outside near the garage. He walked over to me and began talking with me. He was quite friendly and he seemed to sympathize with my situation. 

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