Dream of: 01 November 2004 (2) "Looking For Treasure"

Since I finally had some free time, I was trying to decide what I was going to do today. I had been traveling between Portsmouth and Texas quite a bit lately, which made it difficult to work. What would I do today? I might like to look for treasure. I sometimes liked to visit junk stores, hoping I might find treasure there. But I didn't feel like going to a junk store today - I would like something more substantial.

I thought about the Center Street House which I had bought at a foreclosure sale in Portsmouth. The House had been filled with all kinds of things and I had found many treasures. I would like something like that again.

Suddenly I knew that I would like to buy another house at a foreclosure sale. At least I had experience at that. I tried to remember where I was at the moment and finally concluded that I was in Texas. So I would start looking for a house in Texas. I thought I would look into some new areas, such as tax foreclosures. I would begin researching immediately.

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