Dream of: 01 November 2004 "Power Of Imagination"

I was in the Summerdale Drive House. My father and my mother were also in the House, in the office. I was thinking about my sister and my power of imagination. I had earlier seen my sister (about 15 years old) lying on her back, naked. Her body and her breasts had been perfect, her pubic hair sparse. Now, however, as I pondered the image, I was unsure I had actually seen her -- perhaps I had only imagined it. Maybe if I concentrated I could even imagine her naked again.

I walked toward the back bedroom, where I found my sister lying on a mattress on the floor. She was wearing an unbuttoned shirt which covered her breasts. She seemed unconcerned that I was looking at her. I turned, walked out of the room, but soon returned. She was still there, but now my brother Chris, in a white tee shirt, was with her. He was also about 15 years old. He was lying on his stomach between her legs, below her pubic area. It looked as if he were moving his head up toward her pubic region, and I wondered if he intended to try to put his tongue in her or have sex with her. The thought was a bit disgusting -- I turned and left.

I soon returned again, however. Now Chris was no longer in the room, and my parents had also left the house. My sister, still wearing her shirt, was lying on her side with her back toward me. I lay down beside her (I was wearing blue jeans), pulled her over on her back next to me, and began mouthing her firm and perfect left breast. I reached my right hand down between her legs and very lightly pressed my right middle finger and ring finger into her vagina. She seemed to like what I was doing. I was a bit concerned my mother would return and discover us, but I didn't think my mother would say much. I kept pushing my fingers and sucking her breast. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my erect penis. I pulled my fingers out of her vagina, intending to insert my penis into her -- I had never done that before. I stayed by her side and raised her legs over mine. Lying on my side while she remained on her back, I positioned myself to enter her.

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