Dream of: 31 October 2004 (2) "Milking The Cow"

Carolina and I were trying to catch a large black cow. Although the cow was obviously a female, we kept referring to it as "he" or "him." We were chasing the cow around a vacant lot, on one side of which -- on our right -- was a building, and on the other side -- on our left -- a fence. A fence also ran along the rear of the lot. Behind us, however, was no fence, so if the cow made it past us, it could escape. 

When we chased the cow to the rear of the lot, we suddenly noticed a space between the building and the back fence which the cow managed to slip through. I ran back down the lot toward the front of the building, thinking I would circle around the building and cut off the cow's escape. However, suddenly the cow came back out of the space between the rear of the building and the back fence and began rampaging straight toward me. Instead of running, I stood still and faced the raging cow. By the time the cow reached me, however, not a cow, but a car, was racing toward me. The car abruptly stopped right in front of me. Now I was sure the cow was already past me, having made its escape through the unfenced side behind me.

When I saw the cow standing outside the lot, I had an idea. I picked up a rope and tied one end around the car's steering wheel. With the other end I made a lasso and managed to get it around the cow's neck. Now I was able to pull the cow back into the lot.

Carolina and I could see that the cow's udder was extended and that it needed to be milked immediately -- milk was already dripping from one of the four teats. The cow was now almost completely docile and Carolina and I examined the udder. The leaking teat was now exuding milk in a slow stream. That teat appeared to be injured -- the tip was cut off. We obviously had to milk the cow right now to prevent any further injury or discomfort to the cow.

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