Dream of: 31 October 2004 "Scandalous Offense"

In my last days of law school, I walked into the office of one of my law professors, Angus McSwain. McSwain had given the students in the class an assignment right at the end of yesterday's class and the assignment was due today. I hadn't had time to complete the assignment and I was now trying to make copies of some papers outside McSwain's office. A line of other students also making copies was ahead of me.

I walked into McSwain's office. About 60 years old, he was sitting at a desk, and I began talking with him. He was very friendly and we talked of his retirement. The class I was taking would be his last class before retiring - so both he and I would be leaving. I asked what he would be doing and he said something about fishing.

I was just about to leave when I suddenly remembered something: Haim Habib, a fellow who had once been my classmate at law school. I had recently discovered on the Internet that Haim had been arrested and put in jail for a scandalous offense. I asked McSwain if he had heard about the incident. McSwain looked dismayed and said he had heard about it. We were both shocked by the affair. I asked McSwain if he remembered Haim, and he said he did remember him. Haim had always been outgoing and had made himself known to everyone. I told McSwain that more information about Haim (including pictures) could be found on the Internet.

As I was ready to leave, I heard McSwain say something about "Christ." I wasn't sure, but it seemed McSwain might be attributing Haim's problems to Haim's being a Jew and not believing in Christ.

I walked out. I wondered if I should try to help Haim. Obviously he needed legal assistance. Maybe I could even recruit some other lawyers. But I doubted I would become involved.

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