Dream of: 28 October 2004 "Instruction From God"

My wife Carolina and I were in a church where we frequently used a computer located inside a big antique wooden organ. Carolina was turning on the computer and in the process, she bent over so I could see her butt and white panties under her skirt. She was fresh and pretty and innocent, about 20 years old. I was aroused and I wanted to make love. I was unsure if anyone else was around, but I was willing to take the chance. Carolina however sat down at the computer, began typing, and said she didn't want to have sex now. 

As she was typing, her screen suddenly went blank. I told her at least not much had been lost because she had been on the computer such a short time. I began looking around behind the organ/computer, where I found a black man (perhaps 40 years old) holding the black cord to the computer in his hand -- unplugged from the wall.

I asked the man what he was doing. He informed me that he worked for the church and that we weren't allowed to use the computer. He was apparently new here and I argued with him that we had been using this computer for three years and that he had no right to deny our use of it. 

The man was dressed in gray, and I accused him of being a mere janitor, which I thought he was. He didn't deny or admit it. He and I worked our way to the front of the computer where we began wrestling and fell to the ground locked together. I managed to get him on his back and I sat on his chest. He began screaming that God had directed him to stop our use of the computer. I couldn't believe it. I didn't think God had given him any such instruction. 

We struggled further and stood back up. Finally he escaped into a neighboring room. When I followed, I didn't see him. Instead I saw another person in the room (which contained desks and chairs like an office). I thought I would present my case to this person. I wanted to find someone besides a janitor to talk with. I was still trying to get permission to use the computer. 

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