Dream of: 26 October 2004 "Veil Of Secrecy"

Along with several other people, I was deboarding an airplane. Among the others was a boy (around 12 years old) and the boy's sister, a woman (about 30 years old), who was a law enforcement officer. As we deboarded, the woman became suspicious of one of the other passengers, a man (about 40 years old) and she decided to take the man into custody. When she approached him, however, the man told her she couldn't arrest him because he was an alien from another world and he had great powers, including the power to read other people's minds. 

The man then told the woman that he knew her secret, that she had once been raped. The man said he also knew the boy's secret. The boy, standing next to them, cried out, "Tell it!" The alien man then said that the boy had been sodomized and raped by his own father. The boy seemed pained and surprised -- apparently even he hadn't known the secret. The alien also seemed surprised that the boy hadn't known the secret and the alien said the boy had been protected by the "veil of secrecy." Now, however, the secret was out in the open. The woman appeared in shock. 

As they had been talking, the three of them and I had continued walking and we were all now standing next to an isolated building. Before she had approached the man, the woman had managed to contact the authorities and tell them that she intended to arrest the man, and the authorities (soldiers) now were in hot pursuit, apparently just around the corner of the building. Now, however, the woman regretted what she had done and she didn't want to see the alien man arrested. She asked the man if he could do anything to prevent his arrest. 

The alien said he could put an invisible cocoon around us -- something like a force field -- and no one would then be able to see us. He said that once he put the invisible cocoon around us we should not move. He also said that if the soldiers banged into the invisible cocoon, they would realize something was wrong, because they wouldn't be able to pass through it. 

The four of us crouched down at first, while the alien created the invisible cocoon around us. I, however, stood back up and I asked the alien if the force field was around all of us together, or around each person individually. He said the cocoon was around each person individually. 

Someone then asked who was in charge here. The woman said she was. The alien looked at her rather disdainfully and said that she was no longer in charge, that he was. He told her she need to forget her "pre-conceived ideas" now that she had met him. It seemed that he was obviously correct.

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