Dream of: 20 October 2004 "Stuck In Mud"

I was driving a snazzy new black car which I had recently acquired. Sitting into the front passenger seat was an attractive black woman (probably in her late teens). I was intent on impressing her and I seemed to be succeeding. However, I was having difficulty driving. The front windshield was poorly designed -- it was small and criss-crossed with black metal -- I could hardly see out. Several times I swerved too far to my right and almost ran off the road. When I finally spotted a spot to pull off, I did so.

Unfortunately, however, I had misjudged the land onto which I pulled and I immediately discovered the ground soft and muddy. A man stepped out of a nearby building and mockingly viewed my predicament: I was surrounded by mud. My car wasn't yet stuck, but I saw no way out of here without plowing through the mud and becoming stuck. The woman said nothing, but obviously I was failing to impress her.

Clearly I couldn't simply sit here. I decided to gun the motor and try to pull back onto the road. If I became stuck, I would simply have to find someone to pull me out. 

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