Dream of: 19 October 2004 "Discovered"

My sister (15-16 years old) and I were alone in a house, and we weren't expecting anyone anytime soon. I knew she and I hadn't engaged in any sexual contact in a long time, since she had decided long ago not to participate in such behavior. However, she looked so pretty in the white top she was wearing, I thought I might at least try. 

I stood in front of her, facing her, and asked if she minded if I pulled her top down. To my surprise, she gave me permission. I wasted no time; I pulled the top down, exposing her luscious well-formed breasts. I immediately lowered my mouth to one breast. At the same time she backed onto the bed behind her and lay on her back. I lay on top of her, still mouthing and pawing her breasts. I was ecstatic. I didn't know how far this would go, but I was willing to go as far as I could.

Suddenly, however, almost like an electric shock, I felt something grab both my ankles, like two hands clutching my ankles. Almost in a panic, I realized someone had come into the room and discovered my sister and me together. Who could it be? My father? Or someone else. Whoever the person was, I was obviously in trouble. 

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