Dream of: 18 October 2004 "Solitude"

As I was walking along the hallway of a building (in a mall or a college) I saw Louise (only about 20 years old) walking toward me. When I saw how she was dressed like a schoolgirl -- in a short dress -- I recalled how I had just been with a girl about the same age dressed the same way, and I thought I would like Louise to meet the girl I had been with. 

I stopped in front of Louise and she smiled as if she were happy to see me. I told her I would like to talk with her and she motioned me to follow her -- which I did. She soon turned to the left into a room, said she had to do something first, and left me standing. As the door closed in front of me, I hollered that I would be waiting. 

I quickly began wondering how long she would be. Fortunately, she soon reappeared and again headed down the hall. Now, however, several people were with her and she seemed to have forgotten me altogether, or to have no time for me. I fell further and further behind until she finally disappeared completely.

I turned down another hallway which ended in a bleak and somber dead end. Ice caked the floor -- I was completely alone. I reflected on my solitude. I had recently been thinking how I liked being alone. Here was an example. Being here alone, I didn't have to feel lonely, as I might have in the past. I recognized the feeling of loneliness, its unpleasantness -- and I eschewed it. Instead of feeling lonely, I started sliding and skating on the icy floor, and singing, "La, la, la, la." I wasn't ecstatic, but I felt good.

I skated into another hallway which was more well-lit. Display cases ranged along the walls, and I soon found myself actually standing up on one of the cases. As I climbed back down to the floor, I saw that the display cases contained 20-30 intricate ships, each 40-50 centimeters long. Strung from the masts of the ships from front to back were thin strands of wires -- no sails, just wires. Light moved along the wires of each ship, creating a brilliant display.

I thought maybe I would like to have such ships at home. I already owned so many things, I needed to be selective about what I brought in. I didn't want to create clutter, but these ships, and the electric currents in the wires interested me. I might like to have one. 

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