Dream of: 12 October 2004 "Bob Mix"

Louise (about 30 years old) and I had been living in the same two-story white frame house -- not living together -- just in the same house. Several other people had also been living in the house, but they had recently moved out, leaving only Louise and me. When I saw Louise go into her room and close the door behind her, I stepped up to the door and knocked. I was thinking that I might start practicing law again and that maybe Louise and I could work together. She was a bankruptcy attorney, and I had experience in that area; perhaps I could even work on some of her cases.

Louise opened door and stood alluringly in front of me in a frilly pink panties and bra. I wanted to be with her. I stepped into her room.


I was walking through the same house (now the 29th Street House), wondering if Vernon might show up. I might have to fight him. I knew that he knew karate, but I thought I could beat him. The trick was overcoming fear. If I had no fear I could fight until I beat him. I thought I could do it.

When I heard someone at the front door, I went to the door and found someone trying to open it. The door swung open and a slightly pudgy man was standing in front of me. I hollered to Louise, who walked into the room. The man wanted to come inside, but I put my hand on his chest and held him back. He said his name was "Bob Mix." Louise walked over to me and told me to let him in. I allowed him to slip past us, and he headed toward the kitchen.

Louise said she knew him, but that nothing was between them -- apparently he was a work acquaintance. She said I might like him, that he was an assistant district attorney.

Louise stood next to me, turned her face toward mine, and gave me a very satisfying kiss. The man was watching -- obviously there was nothing between them.

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