Dream of: 08 October 2004 "Accused But Innocent"

Sitting in a church, I was looking through a little flip-book, through which I could flip the pages and see changing scenes. A woman's exposed breast could be seen. 

My father (about 40 years old) was sitting in the pew in front of me, and another fellow was sitting next to me on my left. The preacher (standing at the front of the church) suddenly pointed at the other fellow and me and began complaining about a wrist watch. I laid down my little flip-book and my father turned around and looked at me -- apparently I was being accused of having stolen the watch. I knew that I was innocent, that I hadn't stolen any watch. Nevertheless, people began moving away from the other fellow and me. I stood up and protested my innocence. 

Soon the police showed up on my right and I began explaining to them that I had been accused, but I was innocent. One policeman walked up to me with a little baggie of marijuana and he asked me if I had any marijuana. I did indeed have a roll of marijuana in my pocket -- I could feel the marijuana in my right pocket. Nevertheless, I told the policeman I didn't have any, and he said ok. I knew, however, the police would probably search me. Even though I hadn't done anything to merit a search, the pot would be found. 

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