Dream of: 30 September 2004 "Octopus-Like Space Alien"

I had just put some items in a Goodwill collection bin, when I noticed Louise (perhaps 30 years old) had stepped up to the bin and was also donating some items, including a nice set of sheets. As she was putting in her things, I changed my mind, and with difficulty I retrieved a blanket I had put in. 

I was happy and surprised to see Louise. She seemed embarrassed when I spoke to her and she mumbled that she had been afraid she would bump into me here and she almost hadn't come for fear of seeing me. I was surprised to hear her say such a thing, and I told her I didn't feel that way at all, that I liked seeing her. I told her I would like to visit with her for a while. She was timid, but indicated we might be able to meet. 

We were standing outside the high-rise luxury hotel where we were both staying (Carolina was in my room, waiting for me). I told Louise I would like to see her later and she left. 

As I turned to head back inside, I could see the Dallas skyline in the distance and I was surprised to see smoke billowing from a couple tall buildings -- and then I saw fire. The fire spread even as I watched, and soon a whole section of downtown was afire with many buildings burning. 

I hurried into the hotel and soon reached the third floor. As I passed some hotel employees, I asked if they had seen the fire -- they hadn't. I hurriedly looked for my room, but I couldn't remember the number. I asked an employee in the hall how I could find my room number and he pointed me to an office down the hall. As I rushed toward the room, I felt something in my pocket and I pulled out the key. The number "264" was on the key, so I thought my room must be on the second floor. 

As I headed toward the stairwell to go to the second floor, I passed some windows and saw huge flames right outside. It appeared the fire had spread and had reached the hotel. I was worried about Carolina. I needed to find her as quickly as possible. 


I was in the basement of the hotel, in a plush lobby-like area. Almost everyone had been evacuated -- only a few employees were still scurrying about. In front of me was a giant screen or window through which I could see the approaching danger, which no longer appeared to be a fire, but rather a gigantic octopus-like space alien.

I thought I had a method of combating the creature. In my hand I was holding a small device, which when pressed exuded small round barrel-shaped objects, about three centimeters long and one centimeter wide. I needed about ten of these little barrels to fight the beast. I pressed the device and two little barrels were produced. When the first one came out, it made a noise like a barking dog. The second one made a sound like someone whistling. On its side was a logo from a pizza shop, and I thought the sound was like someone whistling for a pizza. I only needed eight more little barrels. I still wasn't sure how these things could defeat the monster -- I figured I would probably simply throw them at the creature.

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