Dream of: 29 September 2004 "Border Crossing"

Carolina and I were in a car which I was driving. We were headed to Mexico and were already close to the border. Carolina said she might do some shopping for some new clothes while she was there, since clothes were cheaper in Mexico. I thought that sounded like a good idea -- she needed some new clothes now that she was working again. She tended to buy her clothes from second-hand stores, and I was concerned that the people she worked with would realize she wasn't wearing new clothes. Besides, she would probably only spend about $100 in Mexico.

Just when we were about to reach the border crossing, however, I realized we had a problem because we didn't have the necessary to papers. I looked for a place to turn around and quickly did so. As I headed back down the road, however, I made a mistake as I tried to get to another road, and I ran off the road flying into the air. I managed to bring the car under control and headed toward the American border station. Apparently we were in an area between the United States and the Mexican border stations and we would now have to pass through the American border station. I didn't have my passport with me, but I thought I would be able to get into the United States with my driver's license. 


I was sitting in the front passenger seat of a car being driven by a military officer. Two other officers were sitting in the back seat. They were all wearing light-brown uniforms and caps. They were driving me away from the United States border station. The driver began explaining that I was going to undergo a test. He was going to drive the car into a body of water and let it sink. The test would be for me to survive. I began thinking of how I would handle the situation, how I would hold my breath and how I would get out of the car. 

The car finally pulled into a park. Several tiny house-trailers, only big enough for one person, were parked amidst the trees. I thought I could live in something like that, although it would be cramped. Some Hispanic-looking people were milling about, and I concluded that they must live in the little trailers. Our car finally stopped and everyone stepped out. The officers quickly disappeared. 

The park sat on the shore of a body of water. A Hispanic boy was playing with some kind of little car which he was driving around and he ran over the bank into the water. I ran to help him, but his father was already pulling him out.

Sitting facing the water was a small set of bleachers. Perhaps 20-30 people, including Carolina, were sitting in the bleachers, looking out at the water. I also sat down on the bottom bench of the bleachers and looked out. I was amazed by what I saw. The body of water was a bay, and on the other side, only a couple kilometers away, was the skyline of a huge city, which I immediately identified as Los Angeles. I was astounded by the beauty of the city. 

I couldn't see the tall building which I usually identified with Los Angeles and I looked back up at Carolina and asked her about it, but she didn't seem to know anything about that particular building. I did notice, however, that several cumulous clouds were interspersed among the buildings, adding to the beauty. And towering above all the buildings, set back behind the others, stood a huge red-brick tower, with two enormous clocks on the two sides which I could see. I asked the people for the name of that building and someone gave it to me, although I didn't understand what he had said. 

Many Hispanic people were standing in front of the bleachers, also looking out across the bay. I concluded that they must be immigrants who were staying here in this park, desirous of reaching the affluence of the other shore. I myself was trying to figure out exactly where I was, because I hadn't been aware that an island was off the coast of Los Angeles. I finally concluded that when I had been on the Mexican border, I had actually crossed into Mexico, into Baja California, and that the peninsula of Baja (as part of the United States), circled back up the coast and lay off Los Angeles. 

When some people who had been sitting in front of Carolina stood and left, I moved up higher so I could see better and be closer to Carolina. I wasn't yet finished looking at this magnificent sight. 

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