Dream of: 28 September 2004 "Poisoned"

I was sitting in the office of another attorney (probably in his mid 40s). I was representing a client who needed to restructure his auto loan. The other attorney represented the bank. We worked on the figures for a while and finally we reached agreement. 

Having concluded, I told the attorney this was the first time I had represented a client in a long time. I explained that back in the 1990s I had represented over 1,000 clients in bankruptcy cases, but I had gradually ended all those cases and for the past two years I hadn't represented anyone. Now I had once again taken on a new client.

Not until I stood up to leave did I realize that neither of us was wearing a shirt -- we were both bare-chested from the waist up. As I turned to walk out of the room, the attorney stood behind me and placed his hand on my shoulder. Almost immediately I felt that something was wrong as my shoulder and the rest of my body tingled. Suddenly I realized the attorney had some kind of device (which I envisioned as looking like a hair-brush) in his hand and that the bristles were sticking into my skin and injecting poison into me.

I tried to pull away, but the attorney clamped his grip harder and I couldn't pull free. I struggled out the door and down the hall toward the front door (we were in his house, not in an office building) while he held on. I dragged him behind me as I opened the front door of the house.

The house was located in a residential area, sitting atop a high bank with the sidewalk far below. I could see people walking down there, and I screamed, "Call the police! Call the police!"

No one, however, responded, and the attorney and I fell down together in the front yard, with his hand still tightly grasping me. I continued screaming and people looked up at us, but no one did anything. I painfully crawled down the front steps toward the sidewalk, pulling the unshakeable attorney behind me, screaming all the while to call the police, that I had been poisoned. People had stopped and were looking at us, but no one made any attempt to help or call the police. It looked as if a couple men, however, were beginning to realize that indeed something was wrong.

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