Dream of: 27 September 2004 "Hiding Evidence"

Mike Walls was living at the House in West Portsmouth and I had come to visit him. Walls wasn't home, and as I stood on the front porch, two men walked up. One (in his mid 20s) was wearing a gun stuck into the back of his pants. The men didn't say so, but I immediately concluded they were cops. They wanted to look around and I didn't object. When they walked inside and began looking around, I also entered the House and walked into a different room from them. 

When I spotted two small marijuana roaches lying on a shelf, I picked them up and began looking for a place to hide them. I thought about swallowing them, but thought I might want to smoke them later. A baggie with a small amount of green marijuana blew across the floor in front of me and I also snatched it up. I carried everything into the next room, looking for a place to stash it. I spotted a roll of carpet and looked under it. In the process, I found yet another small baggie of marijuana. I stashed everything under the carpet. 

A wad of money was lying on the floor. I picked it up, then noticed more money lying around the room.

Walls' girlfriend, Mary Atherton (about 20 years old), walked into the room. I showed her the money. I had been thinking of simply keeping it, but saw that I couldn't now that Atherton had seen it. I half wished I had stuck the money in my pockets before Atherton had walked in, but it was too late now. I pointed out to Atherton that when Walls had a little money, he just left it lying around all over the place; but when he was broke, there was no money anywhere. She agreed.

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