Dream of: 24 September 2004 "Challenging Hunters"

I was down by the creek in front of the Gallia County Farmhouse, in a long two-story building filled with all kinds of furniture and junk. Several men inside were talking about deer hunting and I even thought I saw a small deer inside the building. I realized the men planned to hunt on the Farm. That bothered me. When my father had first acquired the Farm, he had assured me he wouldn't allow hunting on the Farm. Over the years, however, he had given permission to hunt to anyone who asked. I was disgusted.

Gradually more and more people showed up, even women, all intending to hunt. Finally I could take no more. Over the din, I shouted out until the chatter stopped, and I announced that my father owned this land, and as his son, I wanted to know if everyone actually had permission to hunt there. I began counting the people one by one -- more than 50. As I questioned those present, a big man (around 40 years old) on the other side of the room rushed toward me and pushed me. I immediately hollered out that he had assaulted me and that no one should leave until I obtained the names of witnesses. I intended to press charges against the man. 

Some people began leaving, but most remained. The first man I asked brusquely gave me his name and then walked away. The second fellow (probably in his mid 20s) gave me his name and said he was from "Project, Kentucky." He was friendly and didn't seem to mind helping me. I thought he would make a good witness. 

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