Dream of: 22 September 2004 (3) "Sinking Cars"

Carolina and I walked into an apartment which we had just rented -- we hadn't even moved in yet. The apartment was mediocre, but not beyond redemption. I especially liked the corner windows on two sides of the room. 

As I looked out the windows, I could see a river not far away. Starring at the river, I was astounded by what I saw: many trees, standing upright, were floating down the river. Obviously a flood had dislodged the trees. Hundreds of trees floated by.

I called Carolina to the window to see the trees. Even huge chunks of land floated by. An area about half the size of a city block with trees, cars, and people floated by.

We turned on a television in the room; a report was being broadcast about the flood. Thirty or forty cars were being shown in the river, all piled on top of each other, bobbing up and down near the shore. Suddenly a couple men jumped from the river bank onto two of the cars and climbed inside. I could hardly believe the men could be so foolish. Obviously the cars were going to sink. Now the men would probably be inside the sinking cars. How foolish.

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