Dream of: 22 September 2004 (2) "Golf Course"

Carolina and I were playing golf with several other people. Both Carolina and I were having difficulty because we only had one club apiece, which was not a driver, but more like a flimsy putter. Thus we had difficulty driving the balls. 

One area on the golf course almost seemed like an outside-office with no walls. Chairs and a desk had been arranged as if in an office. I walked alone into the area and found a fancy golf club which seemed partially electronic. I picked it up and examined it.

My pet Dalmatian Picasso suddenly ran into the room and chased a yellow cat over to the edge of the area, where there was a floor with a space under it. The cat jumped under the floor and Picasso tried to follow. 

As I chased Picasso, a fetching woman walked into the area. Perhaps in her mid 30s, she was quite alluring. I immediately concluded that she was in charge of the entire golf course and that this was her office. She sat down in a chair near me. She was wearing a dress which came over the top of her knees. 

I was on my knees in front of her, trying to grab Picasso. As I moved past her legs, I put my hand on her tight-fitting beige-stockinged leg below her knee and I lightly squeezed. I made my gesture obvious, so there was no mistake that I was simply brushing by her. She didn't stop me, but allowed me to squeeze her leg.

I was enthralled. I raised my hand and moved it up between her legs all the way to her panties. I reached the top of her panties and slid my hand inside. She didn't stop me.

I began to fantasize. Could I make love to her right here in the office without anyone seeing us? I began to imagine myself lying on top of her. 

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