Dream of: 21 September 2004 "Dying?"

I was looking out the window of a room located on an upper story of a tall building. The skyline looked like Dallas. In the distance rose a huge plume of smoke. At first it looked like smoke from a fire, but then it looked more like the plume of an atomic bomb. I looked out another building and in the distance saw a high-rise office building on fire and I concluded the city was under attack. I was still unsure whether an atomic bomb had been dropped; if so, it might be too late to escape. 

My father (probably in his mid 40s) walked in. My mother also entered, remaining in the background. I told my father what I had seen, but when I tried to show him, I had trouble finding the windows from which to look. He tried to see, but he couldn't. We quickly decided to leave.

My father, my mother and I boarded a car and rode to an area of town where I owned an adobe-style building. After the car stopped, we all climbed out and walked into the building. I was surprised to see the rooms were furnished, albeit shabbily. I pulled out a hand gun and my father and I began walking from room to room, until we encountered a man in one room. When the man also picked up a gun, I pointed my gun at him and ordered him to put his gun down. When he did so, I lowered my gun and began questioning him. Finally we all walked outside. The building was next door to a church or a camping ground (I couldn't decide which) and the building seemed to be part of the other complex, even though I owned this building.

The fellow blamed Lee Seeley (one of my father's employees) for his being there. I wasn't clear about the details, but apparently Seeley had told the fellow he could stay there.

I was still in a hurry to get out of town and I decided not to bother the fellow right now. After I told him he could stay in the building, I headed with my father and my mother toward the car. My father walked ahead of my mother and me, out of our sight. Suddenly I heard a thud and I immediately knew my father had been hit by a car. I saw something lying on the side of the road up ahead of us and my mother and I ran toward it. As I approached the object, I discovered it to be a large brown antlered deer, still alive. I stepped up next to it and touched it. I was apprehensive that it might still try to attack me, but it was too weak to stand.

Where was my father? I saw that we were actually on an overpass and I concluded my father must have been knocked off to the road below. I retraced my steps and descended the bank to the road below. There I saw my father lying on the ground and I hurried to him. Was he dying? He and I hadn't been getting along well lately and I had hard feelings toward him, but I still cared what happened to him. If he were dying, should I tell him I still cared about him?

I reached him and crouched next to him. He was obviously injured but fully conscious and even in a cheerful mood. He seemed glad to see me. 

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