Dream of: 20 September 2004 "Lizards, Pigs And Bears"

I had found an animal which I at first thought was a large lizard (about 30 centimeters long) and I wondered how many different species of lizards were in that area. When I held the creature in my hands, however, I realized it was a small black pig. I looked at its feet (which were hooved) and I tried to remember whether pigs had split hooves (these hooves appeared not to be split), and I tried to recall the Old Testament strictures about eating or not eating animals with split hooves.

Since I was in New Boston, near an apartment where my father was living, I stepped up to the front door of his apartment. No one was home, but since the door was unlocked, I pushed the door open and walked in. A mattress, covered with a white sheet, was lying on the floor. Still holding the pig, I lay down on the mattress. When I noticed what sharp little teeth it had, however, I let it loose. Finally I decided I would take the pig up on the Hill in New Boston and turn it loose. As I prepared to leave, I noticed the pig had left some very slight brown stain on the bed, maybe some feces. 

I opened the door, stepped outside, and called the pig to follow me. It ran out of the apartment and across the street. I tried to follow, but I couldn't catch it. I chased it down the street until I finally ended up on the Hill in New Boston, still looking for it; but I simply couldn't find it. I thought about what a good safe place this would be for the pig since no hunting was allowed up there. But could it survive the winter here?

As I walked along the dirt road on top of the Hill, John Roach (probably 50 years old) drove up in a car and stopped. Happy to see John, I climbed into the car with him. We talked and he told me about a dream he had had in which I had appeared. Apparently in his dream I had even been talking about dreams.

As John headed the car back down the hill, I suddenly saw a huge grizzly bear growling ferociously along the side of the dirt road. Obviously the bear was dangerous. I rolled up my window and told John to roll up his. The bear ran along the side of the car as John tried to escape. Unfortunately, snow was on the ground and John plowed into a high pile. I was afraid we would get stuck; but we made it through the snow, and we escaped.

I calmed down and began talking with John. He said it appeared that Carolina and I got along well together. I told him we did. Surprisingly Carolina and I had been married 15 years. I hadn't thought we would last so long. I told John we enjoyed each others company -- that was the key. I enjoyed being with her and I thought she enjoyed being with me. 

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